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Passing true love, warmth and warmth bassbowei buys commerci

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 In order to protect the safety and health of employees, bassbowei recently purchased a commercial accident insurance for each employee.This move has set a precedent for the UV digital printing industry, and further embodies the company's humane care and people-oriented management philosophy.This insurance covers accidental death insurance, sudden death insurance, accidental disability insurance and work-related accident death insurance, covering all types of jobs and positions of the company.Taking accidental medical insurance as an example, within 180 days after the insurer’s accident, as long as it meets the reasonable medical expenses of the local social basic medical insurance, there is no deductible, and the insurance premium is paid at 100%.Manager Yang of the Purchasing Department was very surprised when he learned that the company purchased commercial accident insurance for each employee: "I have been working for the first time for more than 20 years. I used to think that as long as the company bought us for it.Social security, I am very at ease, I did not expect such a more intimate thing. In the work, even people who are cautious may encounter bumps and bumps. With this accident insurance, we work more emboldly and never have anyWorried about it. This is really a great gift package to convey true love.
Manager Yang of the Purchasing Department is at work
bassbowei always emphasizes the harmonious development and common progress between employees and enterprises. Employees must contribute to the enterprise, and the company must shelter every employee.The company buys commercial accident insurance for each employee. This truth is warm and heart-warming.